Lindt Created A Chocolate Dress And It's The Most Incredible Thing We've Ever Seen — PHOTO

You guys. The fashion industry has finally come up with something I can get behind 100 percent — wait, scratch that. I can get behind this 250 percent. In honor of the UK's Chocolate Week, someone (several someones, actually) designed a super-cute dress made of chocolate . Excuse me while I fantasize about being able to just gnaw on my clothing the next time I have a chocolate craving.The dress is the result of the combined efforts of Downton Abbey costume designer Caroline McCall, Lindt chocolatier Stefan Bruderer, and food artist Paul Wayne Gregory — and boy, did it require effort. The dress took three months and 132 pounds of chocolate to make. With that kind of commitment, it's no wonder McCall won a BAFTA for her work on Downton Abbey this year, or that Gregory made chocolates for the Queen of England's 80th birthday (talk about pressure). The Art Deco-inspired dress consists of a dark chocolate bodice and a multi-layered skirt made of milk, white, and dark chocolate. The halter neckline is made from mixed chocolate squares. I'm not quite sure how it doesn't melt when it's against the wearer's skin, but since it's not really the type of dress you wear out partying, that doesn't seem to be a problem.

You kind of just have to see it for yourself:


This isn't the first dress to be made out of chocolate. Apparently, food sculptures aren't just restricted to reality show challenges designed to make the contestants cry into their design books. Take a look at a few of the coolest ones (in my super-professional opinion, of course) that have popped up over the years:

1. Another chocolate dress!

This one was on display in the Las Vegas hotel the Bellagio in 2011.

2. Gaudi's lizard fountain

Believe it or not, this sculpture really is made of chocolate. It was on display at the Barcelona Chocolate Museum.

3. Cuckoo clock

You can't tell me that's not the cutest cuckoo clock you've ever seen, on display in 2009 at the Chocolate Experience Museum in Burlington, Vermont. Apparently it even works!

4. King Kong

I had no idea King Kong could be so adorable. This was made by "Chocolate Sculptress" Emily Jones, who is also the mastermind behind this next incredible chocolate creation:

5. Chocolate Robot

Seriously, how awesome is this?

Who knew chocolate could be used to make so many things? I doubt any of us are going to get the chance to wear a chocolate dress anytime soon, but if you have the desire and/or means to see the Lindt dress in person, it'll be on display at the Chocolate Show in London October 17th-19th. Is anyone else hungry now?Images: Lindt Chocolate-UK/Facebook, Billie Ward/Samantha Marx/Emily Jones(2)/Oh-Barcelona/Flickr