Karl Lagerfeld Comments On Chanel's Feminist Protest, But He Might Want To Keep His Mouth Shut

Karl Lagerfeld might want to let Choupette do the talking from now on. The designer has finally commented on his feminist protest for Chanel's runway show, and his response is not exactly what we were hoping for.

"I couldn't care less if people are for or against. It's my idea. I like the idea of feminism being something light-hearted, not a truck driver for the feminist movement."

Careful there, Karl. Isn't the point of feminism to speak out for and be inclusive of all women? Critics have been skeptical of Lagerfeld's intentions, particularly due to his past open criticism of curvy women, and are now calling him hypocritical, in the sense that he only seems to believe tall, white models can advance the feminist movement. Which basically makes his fashion week riot at Paris's Grand Palais look like a superficial publicity stunt. And that would be a grand shame, because it certainly turned a lot of heads, got a lot of people talking, and seemed as though fashion was heading in the right direction in terms of promoting important and serious world issues.

Fortunately, Uncle Karl went on to say that the show was inspired by strong women from his past, particularly his mother, who was a feminist herself. Okay. So he's obviously not put off by strong, independent women, he just doesn't like the serious component to the movement. Or truck drivers, apparently.

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