Kendall & Gemma Don't Care About Your Fat Shaming

It's that familiar topic that always feels so inconsequential during fashion week. We're supposed to be looking at couture, accessories, creations, art — and yet all we can do is talk about and look at the bodies underneath them. Talk about an overshadowing. Though we've made it safely through two cities so far, unfortunately, ladies and gents, the topic has inevitably surfaced, with Kendall Jenner being called too fat for the runway on the cover of Famous magazine. And insults from other models aren't the only thing being brought to light. The magazine has so kindly photoshopped cellulite onto her normally slender frame to make their point loud and clear.

The cellulite is clearly fallacious, as just last week Kendall walked the Tommy Hilfiger show, and there are plenty of high-res photos to prove her behind is dimple-free. Unfortunately for Kendall, bullying the model has trumped celebrating her fashion week successes, certainly by the tabloids, if not actually by fellow models.

Refreshingly, Kendall hasn't seemed to take the fat shaming to heart, as she was seen indulging in gelato in Milan after the article came out. The model, though only 18-years-old, has handled tabloid criticism like a pro. A week ago, she tactfully shamed a photographer who took a photograph up her skirt, and now she's subtly handing it to the press again — this time, with a plastic spoonful of gelato.

And Kendall isn't the only model strutting right past weight criticism. Gemma Ward opened the Prada show this week, making the ultimate comeback after disappearing from modeling six years ago. The Australian model retired from the catwalk when she was called too fat after modeling a tiny swimsuit on Chanel's runway. Though she appeared in several movies over the years, fans hoped she would return to modeling, as her unique features made her so one-of-a-kind. Prayers were answered when she not only walked for Prada, but scored the coveted position of opening the show.

It doesn't appear that these models are paying any mind to the weight criticism, so let's get back to the purpose of fashion — the clothes — now shall we?

Images: Famous; ELLEUK/Twitter