Olivia Pope Delivers The Best Line of The Night

by Emma Cueto

There are few things we love better than a good Olivia Pope dressing down, because when it comes to Scandal , Olivia Pope is the best. So when Olivia Pope gives Fitz a piece of her mind we are always up for it, but this week her message was particularly important. After Fitz's daughter goes on a bender of epically bad behavior, including drugs, alcohol, and a sex tape, Fitz's reaction is predictably not great. In the midst of his tantrum, he shouts, "This is my daughter," and Olivia gives one of the best responses possible: "Everyone is someone's daughter!"

Let me repeat that because it bears repeating. Everyone is someone's daughter.

All too often in our culture it seems like problems — especially problems affecting women — are only considered important when high profile people are affected. It's like when Twitter refuses to crack down on harassment when thousands of ordinary women are affected, but only take the problem seriously when Robin Williams' daughter has to deal with that level of abuse. Or when we only start talking seriously about revenge porn when celebrity nudes are leaked.

The reality is that a woman is not important because she's famous, or powerful, or even a loved one of someone else. A woman is important because everyone is important.

As Olivia Pope points out to Fitz later, the fallout for Karen Grant should her sex tape ever get out could be catastrophic, all because of the unjust ways our society treats women in these sorts of situations. But all sorts of women have experienced that same sort of violation, having their intimate moments posted online without their consent. The fact that Karen Grant is the president's daughter doesn't make the problem matter any more or less.

Overall, Olivia Pope kicks ass in this episode, from threatening the ghoulish parents who try to blackmail the White House over a teenage sex tape to dragging Karen Grant out of the party in the first place. But that one line in the Oval Office might carry the night.

Because whether we are Team Jake or Team Fitz, everyone can agree: Olivia Pope is the absolute best.

Image: ABC