#RelationshipGoals: One Couple's 25-Year Road Trip

I don't historically do well living in small spaces with other people, particularly romantic partners. I once broke up with a perfectly good, barely used, nicely worn-in boyfriend immediately after spending Valentine's Day weekend in a cabin together, and swear to God, I think it was the cabin's fault. So the idea of living in four square feet (whatever) with another human being sounds like some kind of brutal punishment to me, but I'm aware that to more emotionally well-adjusted individuals, spending 25 years living out of a truck while traveling the world with their beloved sounds like a dream. The good kind. Not the kind where you wake up in a sweaty, blind panic and scream at your sleeping boyfriend that he's smothering you (on the phone, because he's at his apartment, sleeping, not even bothering you at all, because you're an insane person with intimacy issues.)

In other words, those of you who are headed toward dying in the arms of someone who loves you deeply after a lifetime of beautiful, shared experiences together (as opposed to me, who will likely die alone with a cold pizza crust in my mouth) will probably get all warm in your hearts over the story of Gunther and Christine Holtorf. They left on an 18-month trip around Africa in their Mercedes Benz G Wagon (which they call "Otto" just in case you forgot how much cooler than you they are) in 1989 — and just never went home. They've since traveled over half a million miles, and somehow not ended up hella divorced. Again, infinitely cooler than I will ever be.

Image: Wikipedia Commons