Alexander Wang's H&M Preview Was Insane, Based on these 9 Things that Happened

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard that Alexander Wang is launching a collection for H&M. On Thursday night, the designer held a runway show previewing all the looks from the collaboration. It had everything you might expect from a presentation — models, clothing, celebrities, fashion editors — and a whole lot that you never would have imagined seeing near a runway (parkour????).

Wang hosted the even at the Armory on the Hudson in Harlem, which happens to be an indoor track and field space. If you've seen any of the promotional materials for the collection, you'll know that this choice of venue makes a lot of sense. This line is allllll about the glam athletic wear. No, seriously — that's what makes up the entire collection. There are even "bra tops" that are basically sports bras for the small-chested.

Truth be told, I'm a little bit puzzled (re: disappointed) by the Alexander Wang x H&M offerings. I suppose I'm glad the designer didn't simply re-hash his classics and actually put a lot of effort into creating something new for H&M customers. But... everything has the world "WANG" on it. Assuming we're all mature adults here, we can let the phallic implications rest. Oh, who am I kidding — of course we can't. Who wants to wear a euphemism for "penis" across their chest (or head... or legs)?! Not to mention how so 2005 it is to advertise the brand you're wearing with logos.

Still, even if the clothes were underwhelming, the presentation was definitely not. Here are the nine most insane things that went down.

1. Missy Elliott

She is the only person who can pull off that "WANG" baseball cap.

2. This ridiculous catcher's mask

At least we're not supposed to buy that.

3. Everyone in the audience got boxing gloves

Also that hat is actually just a penis sock. Sorry, Stella Bugbee.

4. Gymnastics

Someone teach me how to do that.

5. Crazy handstands

And also that.

6. Parkour

And definitely that.

7. Fashion people went nuts

This is a photo of seasoned fashion professionals losing all their chill while scrambling to buy pieces from the collection.

8. Football gear

So... fashion?