5 Things We Learned from Blake's Pregnancy Debut

I would not blame any pregnant woman for rocking a wardrobe comprised solely of comfort-first pieces, like maternity skinnies; leggings with give; comfy, cozy, and baggy sweats; and any other loose-fitting garments that accommodate her expanding midsection and more. But it's a bit different for celebs, who still have visible professional commitments that involve red carpet appearances. Blake Lively made her first post-pregnancy announcement appearance on the red carpet debut Thursday night in a stretchy, yet sexy, nude and lavender gown by Michael Kors that hugged her curves and that precious cargo in her tummy. The frock was a total style win, and if Mrs. Ryan Reynolds keeps this up, she'll be on the legit level of Kate Middleton, the reigning queen of maternity chic. The former Gossip Girl star, who dealt with a some controversy over the head-scratching antebellum spread on her Preserve lifestyle site earlier this week, bounced back from that gaffe with grace and class, and she stunned. (That said, no amount of sparkles could ever excuse that Preserve headache.) Even though the hem of her gown skimmed the floor and she showed no skin other than from the neck up, she was sublimely sexy.

Here are four things we learned from Blake Lively's red carpet appearance at the God's Love We Deliver, Golden Heart Awards in New York City. She even admitted that she is carefully choosing her maternity pieces, telling Us Weekly that "I'm going to amp up my style by wearing things that are stretchier, cause that’s all that fits!"

1. You Can Be Sexy While Totally Covered Up

It's common to equate showing off skin with sexiness. But Lively was the exact opposite. The clingy gown only served to highlight her beautiful "with baby" body without needing to rely on skin or suggestion. Dressing a body that is changing daily to deal with gestation is a challenge, and she chose a fabric that works with her changing shape, not against it. I haven't forgotten how Kim Kardashian shoe-horned herself into leather, the least forgiving material, while carrying North West.

2. A Flawless Red Carpet Appearance Somehow Makes Up for PR Disasters

Lively's website undeniably screwed up with its "Allure of Antebellum" spread. Still, following this appearance, chatter of the lifestyle website's gaffe completely disappeared. Lively's dress completely shifted the focus and the topic of conversation from a not-well-thought-out feature that spotlighted a period of American history when the South wanted to secede in order to continue the practice of slavery to "Ooh, sparkles!" So...take note, all face-palming celebrities?

3. Her Hair Is Still Her Protective Curtain

Lively had said before that she favors her long, blonde locks down and flowing, framing her face, as opposed to some sort of elaborate updo. Her hair is like her protective curtain and that remains the case, as her beachy waves framed her face.

4. Impending Motherhood Seriously Agrees With Her

Sure, she still employs a glam squad to help her get ready for celeb-y events such as this, but there is no masking or faking that glow. She also told Us that she always knew she wanted to be a mother, so this condition is a dream come true for her.

5. A Celeb Really And Truly Can Inspire Pregnant Women And Their Style

As previously stated, pregnancy is a tricky state when it comes to dressing and fashion, since it's always changing. Lively's dress demonstrated the fact that women don't have to sacrifice style while pregnant and are sexy when working with, as opposed to against, their condition.

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