A Chicken and Waffles Cake Exists, and Basically All Our Dreams Are Coming True

People in the United States love coming up with some strange, creative, and inventive food combos, but I think it is safe to say that this multi-layered confection really takes the, er, cake. New Orleans chef Graham Blackhall has dreamed up — are you ready for it? — a chicken and waffle cake. Yep, you definitely read that correctly. Chicken and waffles, plus cake. Neatorama brought our attention to this culinary masterpiece, garnished with chicken nuggets and a Belgian waffle. Basically, this cake is every single one of our dreams come true.

A sweet and savory breakfast item, combined with a savory meat item, combined with a sweet dessert. It seems like it might be too much to handle — and then you learn about the maple syrup buttercream and spicy sage caramel that tops the fluffy, buttermilk vanilla cake underneath. Just let that all sink in for a minute.

I'm not sure whether I just want to keep staring at this cake until it all suddenly makes sense, or devour it immediately because everyone knows chicken and waffles are a match made in heaven anyway, so how could a cake possibly ruin that holy matrimony.

Get ready to feast your eyes:

Other food combinations topping the weird food charts recently include banana sandwiches with mayo, peanut butter and bacon on toast, and purple barley in a bath of Cool Whip. It seems that all is fair in the food combo game when people start combining breakfast foods with dessert items, and sweets with vegetables, and though it may initially seem strange and possibly even totally unappetizing, don't knock it till ya try it.

Image: Joshua Resnick/Fotolia