9 Genius Pie Toppings Because Ice Cream Is So Last Thanksgiving

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Pie, we’ve done you wrong. Ever year, despite all the glorious, mind-blowing pie toppings the world has to offer, we inevitably slap you with vanilla ice cream. And not even the homemade kind, either — just a scoop of store-bought stuff, left to melt into sad little rivers on your top crust.

But no more. Today, we take a stand for pies everywhere, from pumpkin to pecan. After all, this is the dough you rolled, the filling you made, the show-stopping star of your Thanksgiving table. And now, it’s time to do it justice. Ditch the pint and crown your pie with creamy caramel and chocolate mousse, with poached pears and airy custards. There is no topping too decadent for your masterpiece. Now that’s how you do Thanksgiving pie.

Image: Oh, Ladycakes

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