15 Perfect Caramel Recipes So You Can Drizzle and Dunk Your Way Through Fall

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Like most great romances, a love affair with caramel is never easy. On the best of days, your caramel recipe will bubble and froth like Mount Vesuvius. It will splatter you with hot sugar; it will bring you to your knees and make you weep on the kitchen floor. And the moment you think you’ve mastered cooking with caramel, it will harden into inedible shards just to spite you.

So why do we keep coming back? Because if you treat it right, homemade caramel is nothing short of glorious. Master it, and you’ll have an ice cream topping to rival hot fudge, a dip for dunking apples, and a sauce for drizzling over everything in sight. Besides, pumpkin spice has had its moment — now, it’s time for caramel to show us how fall is really done.

Here’s the secret: Leave your caramel alone. I mean it. Don’t even think about touching that spatula. Once you get your pot on the stove, the most you should do is tilt it gently to ensure even heating. Let your caramel bubble. Let it go wild. And then, when it’s smoky and sweet and just the right shade of amber, you’ll know it’s ready for anything. Read on, and then break out the sugar bin. It’s about to get messy up in here.

Image: Lady and Pups

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