11 Celebrities’ Coffee Orders That Speak Volumes About Their Personalities

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Your favorite caffeinated beverage, and how you prepare it is almost like a Myers-Briggs test based on your tastebuds. After all, you can tell a lot about someone by the beverage they start their day out with. Whether you take your coffee black, light and sweet, or strong and bold, you best believe that your barista is taking your personality inventory when they sling your caffeinated drinks. Especially if you're famous because in that case, the barista is probably sharing all those details with the Internet. After all, inquiring minds of the non-famous plebs want to know.

So, how do celebrities take their coffee? Who takes it black? Who opts for Splenda? Who is a latte-drinker, and who is a cappuccino fan? Who has an intensely complicated 10-word Starbuck's order? Let's have a glimpse into the java psyches of our favorite celebs.

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