Which Coffee Chain Gives You The Best Deal?

It seems like people are always complaining that Starbucks coffee is much more expensive than competitor prices, but is that actually true? BostInno recently endeavored to find out which coffee chain gives the best deal for your dollar, and the results may actually surprise you. As it turns out, that $1.50 16 oz. drip from McDonald's isn't all it's cracked up to be.

The folks at BostInno used the simplest, most important criteria in determining what makes the best cup of coffee: the amount of caffeine it contains. Because if you ask any caffeine addict who can't start the day without at least a 12 oz. fix of that black liquid from the heavens, they'll tell you that taste is definitely important, but it sometimes takes second place to the feel-good elation that comes from the buzz you get after taking those first few sips (also known as the best high ever).

BostInno compared the prices of coffee at McDonald's ($1.49 for a 16 oz. drip), Dunkin' Donuts ($2.05 for a 14 oz. drip), and Starbucks ($2.10 for a 16 oz. drip), and came up with a graph to break down the average cost per milligram of caffeine for each beverage. A quick glance at the infographic, and it becomes clear that die-hard Dunkin'-lovers are actually paying more for the amount of caffeine they are getting compared to those who drink Starbucks, even though the price of the cup may be less. In fact, a small Dunkin' coffee contains about half the amount of caffeine as a tall Starbucks coffee.

As BostInno points out, it's also important to note that a small coffee from both Starbucks and Dunkin' are $1.75, and even then Starbucks delivers a higher dose of caffeine. But caffeine aside, if your priority is just to get a damn cup of coffee as quick as possible, McDonald's has the cheapest option — $1.00 for a 12 oz.

And in case you were looking for a second opinion, Business Insider came to a similar conclusion after conducting its own experiment. After comparing size and caffeine content of three different cups of coffee from Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and McDonald's, BI confirmed that Starbucks gives the most buzz for your buck. Check out their video to get a better understanding of the technicalities, and if you haven't had your morning cup of coffee yet, go do that now too.

Of course, Starbz, Dunkin', and McD's aren't the only places in the world to get coffee. Often, you can get an even better deal at a local, independent coffee shop which comes with the additional perks of hipster street cred, quieter study spaces, and homemade snacks. But for something accessible and quick that will get you the most wired, there's no doubt that Starbucks is the way to go.

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