What Emma Watson, Ezra Miller, & 9 More Stars From 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' Are Up to Today

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When, earlier this week, I heard the news that Ezra Miller had been cast as the Flash in two upcoming DC movies, I was thrilled for a few reasons. #1: Ezra Miller is awesome, and deserves major, never-ending success. #2: As another Bustle writer noted, Miller's casting in 2018's The Flash will make him the first openly LGBT actor to star as a superhero in a big-budget film, a huge step in the right direction for Hollywood. And, #3: It's further proof that if you starred in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, your career is going to be awesome.

Although Stephen Chbosky's adaptation of his bestselling book was released just two years ago, it's already had a huge impact on pop culture; not only has there been a recent wave of realistic teen movies, but nearly all of the film's stars have gone on to enormous success. Maybe it was the great reviews, or maybe it's just some really good luck, but for whatever reason, the stars of Perks have done huge things since the film's release in 2012. From Ezra Miller to Emma Watson, here's a look at the ensemble cast's crazy-good last two years.

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