Here's Proof that Tilda Swinton, face of NARS, Should Only Rock Her Natural Beauty

This morning, the beauty world is celebrating the uniquely gorgeous Tilda Swinton, the new face of NARS' Spring 2015 campaign. Swinton was handpicked by Francois Nars himself for her bold style, strong personality, and quirkiness: all the reasons that make the Grand Budapest Hotel actress one of the most exceptional celebrities of her time. But in addition to all that, one of the greatest things audiences love about Swinton is her natural beauty — the woman is like a walking art piece. Save for a bold red lip, you'll rarely see Swinton step out in anything but a "I woke up like this" flawless mug. It's like she invented the normcore makeup plus platinum blonde pixie cut trend. Maybe she did? Either way, girl is a vision, albeit an untraditional and unexpected one. She may not be making People's "Most Beautiful" list, but I think it's because they just don't "get" her look, which is why it's so exciting that such a giant beauty brand like NARS does.

To prove my point that Swinton looks best in her most natural state, I've used my elementary photoshop skills to doctor up one of the portraits from her NARS campaign.

1. Tilda Swinton with a Pixie Girl/Unicorn Look

I decided to give Swinton a pink-to-magenta ombre eye, some strong bottom lashes, and a matching pink lip. The result kind of reminds me of what it looked like when I took crayons to my old Barbie dolls. In other words, not good.

2. Tilda Swinton with a Dark and Intense Look

To be honest, I actually kind of dig this look. It's a little goth with that black burlap headpiece she's rocking. Tilda, if you're out there — I think you should try rocking a dark lip! The contoured cheekbone with a bronzer is a little too Kim Kardashian though, so maybe don't do that.

3. Tilda Swinton with an '80s-Patrick Nagel Look

I tried to channel Patrick Nagel's iconic '80s illustrations (because WHY NOT?) by giving Swinton really striking and cheesy accents, like a frosty lip and some blue eyeshadow. Also, if you ever wondered what Swinton would look like with a dark, skinny brow, here it is.

The takeaway: Swinton, please never give in to the extremes of makeup. Stay naturally beautiful, girl!

Images: Nars