When Is Their Wedding Finally Going Down?

by Arielle Dachille

Thanks for joining me for another round of "Guess When the Celebrities are Getting Hitched." Today, our contestants are Emma Roberts and Evan Peters. Let's get right down to it, kids: when are Emma Roberts and Evan Peters getting married? In order to solve this riddle, we'll have to look back at their engagement timeline.

Back in January of this year, Peters, 27, popped the question to Roberts, 23, taking their relationship to the proverbial next level. In 2013, Roberts was arrested for allegedly physically abusing Peters before the charges were dropped, so naturally, people were a little skeptical of this decision. Even with their complicated past and their youth, the pair has been together for a while, and seem committed to each other. The pair met on the set of the black comedy Adult World, but sparks didn't really start flying until the film wrapped in spring of 2012.

Judging from an interview that Peters did with E! News, as of April, Roberts and Peters had not begun to plan their wedding. When asked whether or not the AHS: Freak Show co-stars had started pulling the event together, Peters definitively answered "No, we’re just enjoying being engaged right now. I’m very happy right now, thank you." Basically, they're basking in the bliss of betrothal, but hadn’t made it around to coordinating the wedding elements. Either that, or we're being had. This statement is such a non-clueish clue, that I really can't tell.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since then, however, there have been reports of trouble in paradise. In August, the pair reportedly got into a “blow-out” fight during an after-party at San Diego Comic-Con. Roberts allegedly lost her temper, and began to shove Peters around, and a source close to the couple reportedly told Star Magazine that Roberts and Peters don’t have a “healthy” relationship. I know this is all rumors, but you know what they say about those long engagements. Am I wrong to guess that they may not make it down the aisle?

Then again, they looked to be perfectly happy on the set of AHS: Freak Show. So, maybe I won't return the Cuisinart I got them for their wedding shower...

Sadly, there are no clues to be gleaned from Peters' social media. He sadly doesn't have a Twitter, and his Instagram is made up entirely of American Horror Story teasers. Judging from Roberts’ Twitter account, it would appear that they are still in the process of shooting AHS. Planning a wedding on top of a rigorous production schedule must be nearly impossible, so perhaps they’re still enjoying their betrothal without any pressure to speed the wedding along.

But! On Sept. 23, Roberts tweeted this cryptic nugget... IS IT A MARRIAGE DATE CLUE?!

Oh butterfingers. It was just a plug for her jewelry collection. In my search for wedding information, I've been foiled again!!

So, where does this leave us with our initial research question? They've revealed virtually no clues about when the festivities will be going down. Given the fact that it seems like they've been busy with other projects, I'm guessing the wedding won't be happening for a while. Just taking a shot purely in the dark, I'd wager that they'll tie the knot around October 2015 or so. Just because, ya know, it's wedding season and all. One thing's for sure, though. I will be diligently tracking the developments of this impending wedding.

Image: Getty Images