17 'Teen People' Covers That Perfectly Capture Your Lip Gloss & Boy Band Phase

If you were a teenager in the early '00s, you know that Teen People was the THE ultimate source for celebrity gossip, boy tips, and, of course, hyper-accurate quizzes. (How would we ever know which 98 Degrees member was our soulmate without it?) The magazine — which launched in 1998 — put out its very last issue in 2006, and teen 'zines were never the same. Luckily, we have these awesome covers to muse over whenever the nostalgia gets too much to bear. Check out the '00s Teen People covers that will remind you of being 15 and in love with Nick Lachey.

Images: Teen People

by Kaitlin Reilly

Exhibit A

Chad Michael Murray was the ultimate movie boyfriend back in the day.

Exhibit B

Just in case any of you youngins had any questions about where Pink’s nickname came from, this is your answer. Also LOL at J.C.’s hair.

Exhibit C

This was the height of fashion in the early ’00s. Note the suggestive hip check.

Exhibit D

Never forget the 2000 Charlie’s Angels reboot… or this cover of the stars.

Exhibit E

Ashlee Simpson doesn’t look like this anymore.

Exhibit F

She doesn’t look like this anymore, either.

Exhibit G

Aaliyah! And…???

Exhibit H

“Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him.” Yep, that sounds about right.

Exhibit I

The Olsen twins are still rocking the doe-eyed expression in 2014.

Exhibit J

Jesse McCartney is actually relevant this year. This is exciting.

Exhibit K

We will never be as angsty or as poreless as Alicia Silverstone is on this Teen People cover.

Exhibit L

You just KNOW that Jessica Simpson burned her “I Heart Nick” tee shirt.

Exhibit M

Just admit you have no idea who anyone in this photo is, with the exception of the former Mr. Jessica Simpson.

Exhibit N

Britney and Kevin were headed for divorce. FYI.

Exhibit O

I’d still put Reese Witherspoon on a magazine toting great hair tips.

Exhibit P

Blue eyeliner and shiny lip gloss was a look I’m very happy to say stayed buried in the past.

Exhibit Q

Buffy traded in stakes for delicate flowers for this Teen People photo shoot.