Will Stassi's New Boyfriend Be on Season 3?

At the Season 2 reunion of Vanderpump Rules when Stassi Schroeder claimed she was moving to New York with her boyfriend, Patrick Meagher, I thought that was the end of the show forever. Mess with your villain, and you ruin reality TV gold. But there's no reason to worry, she's back on the show. However those rumors about her leaving for New York at the end of Season 2 were true — this is the first time she's been back in LA since, and she doesn't even work at SUR anymore. Instead, she claims the only reason she's back is because Patrick's radio show moved him to California… but the trailer for VR doesn't show any glimpses of Patrick and he's never officially announced whether or not he will appear on the show.

And Stassi may have an ulterior motive for returning to the Golden State. Stassi will reportedly be hosting a spinoff prank show on MTV where she gives Vanderpump super fans (SURper fans?) the chance to get punked by their favorite reality stars in the restaurant where they actually work. It's Lisa Vanderpump's idea, and so far there's no word on why MTV will be producing this when Bravo is owned by a totally different parent company, but it certainly puts working in SUR to shame.

But even though her career has never been brighter, Stassi committed the worst friendship foul of all: ditching her so-called BFFs the minute she got into a serious relationship with Patrick, yet returns just in time for Vanderpump Rules Season 3, only to judge everything that's been going on while she's been New York. But maybe she had a good reason to get away. So far, her relationship with Patrick is all sweet photos of the two at dinner and DIY craft projects — a far cry from all the drama that plauged Stassi and Jax. But there's no confirmation whether or not we'll get to see those good times on TV, and there certainly aren't any pictures of Jax or Tom with Patrick bro-ing out in Vegas or Miami. So who is Patrick Meagher, and how will he fare once Stassi goes from supportive girlfriend back to reality TV villainess?

Well, he's a DJ, so he's somewhat used to sharing the details of his personal life. Meagher had a Sirius XM talk radio show called Cocktails with Patrick, and he recently switched to The Wrap with Patrick Meagher, where he breaks down NFL news. Stassi, a fan of Cocktails with Patrick , met Meagher online, while he was living in New York. While they visited frequently, they didn't actually get the chance to live in the same city together until Stassi moved to New York last year. That went well enough that Patrick moved back to LA with Stassi. Two 3,000-mile moves in less than a year is a pretty big commitment, so maybe Stassi has finally met her match. She recently went to Michigan to meet his family and made it Instagram official — way more serious than she was able to get with with Jax.

Supposedly before Vanderpump Rules started, Stassi and Jax were happy as two very tan clams, but once they started working together and facing TV scrutiny, things changed. Patrick is more accustomed to being in the spotlight, but only for work purposes, and his Twitter is all business — he doesn't seem like he's desperate to become famous.

Hopefully for Stassi, he's good at holding up to the pressure of the Bravo reality TV fame machine. We'll have to tune into Vanderpump Rules to get a straight answer about whether or not he'll be in front of the camera, but since most relationships inside SUR are doomed, hopefully they'll be able to stick together. Good luck, Patrick!

Image: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo