Yet Another 11-Year-Old Who Dances Like Crazy

Apparently all any of us cares about anymore are Videos of Little Kids Who Dance Way Better Than Grown Ups. It’s insanity. Like, the good kind of insanity. This particularly talented girl, dubbed Audacious Adi but legally named Adilyn Malcolm, dances to Mark Rosas’ “Higher” and basically puts all ravers to shame. Hell, she even puts Michael Jackson to shame (come at me, angry people), because it’s safe to say that this girl reigns in Moon Walking. If you watch the video, you’ll notice that she basically transforms into a jellyfish. An impressive, dub-step loving jellyfish. The control and agility Audacious Adi has is incredible. So props to you, girl.

Audacious Adi joins the ranks of fellow 11-year-old Taylor Hatala, who recently made it big by dancing to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”, "Bang Bang", and “All About That Bass”. There was also that two-year-old and her mom who danced to Beyoncé and basically killed us, which was hilarious and scandalously cute. Unfortunately, there will always be a group of haters who will call what Hatala and Adi do “perverse,” or “inappropriate” but fortunately there will always be a bigger group of commenters who fight to the death (or at least, until their laptop dies) to support these videos and their progressive freedom to dance however we want to dance.

There are two things you can truly count on America for: really big cars with extra-wide seats, and dancing kid videos. God bless this wonderful country.

Image: Adilyn Malcolm/Youtube