Their 'OUAT' Date Wasn't Very Romantic

These two deserve better. Heck, I deserved better — I'm emotionally invested in Emma and Hook's relationship success on Once Upon A Time, so obviously I want to see them have a legitimate romantic night out. Well, that's never going to happen in Storybrooke, apparently. On Sunday night, Emma and Hook finally went on a date on OUAT , but, of course, it was interrupted by Storybrooke's perpetual turmoil. Because nothing can ever go right for these two. Like, ever.

OK, I might be exaggerating a little — Emma and Hook did share a steamy, passionate kiss when their date ended. But even that was punctuated by Hook's paranoia that this reattached hand had a mind of its own. Would it kill OUAT to give us a little romance from time to time? Especially during Sunday night's episode, which jumped all over the map without really delivering any serious moments. And it'd be kind of nice if Emma could actually get a night off every once in awhile — how can she keep this relationship with Hook going if they never get to be together without interruption?

It seemed like OUAT was setting Hook and Emma up for romance — I mean, they paid homage to freaking Lady and the Tramp's spaghetti moment at the restaurant they'd chosen for their date for crying out loud. Emma even ditched her leather jacket for the night and wore a dress for this special occasion. These two moments alone would make anyone think that we were finally in for some Hook and Emma romance, right? WRONG. So. Wrong.

First, Hook's being all weird about his hand, even though it's supposed to be a great thing to have his hand back to "hold" Emma. Then, the waiter gets knocked over by Will Scarlet and spills all kinds of stuff on Emma's pretty princess dress, Hook threatens to beat him up, and Emma thinks about running after him because he escaped from her during last Sunday's episode. I couldn't think of a less romantic chain of events if I tried.

And what's even worse about this whole thing, it's that Sunday night's episode seemed to spend so much time on things that weren't so immediately important and very little time on Hook and Emma's date. I mean, they've been waiting for this since the moment they started dating, OUAT could've cut them some slack and let them actually have a romantic moment. Fans have been rooting so fiercely for this 'ship and, sure, we got another kiss out of it, but I would've liked to see Hook and Emma have a normal date.

At the very least, they could've done the spaghetti moment instead of some random couple. C'mon, OUAT, talk about a missed opportunity.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC