Well, At Least We Learned Her Name

Earth to OUAT — you can't just completely drop a storyline that's only recently started gaining momentum. I'm as excited as the next person to see the series take on Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice, but I want Snow Queen answers. And I want them now. You can't just give me Frozen and then take it away. Sunday night's "The Apprentice" completely avoided The Snow Queen's storyline with the exception of two details. According to David's research, the Snow Queen's name on OUAT is Sarah Fisher and, apparently, she didn't come to Storybrooke with the curse.

Neither of these new developments provide any answers to our big questions about Sarah — like, how does she know Emma and what the hell does she want in Storybrooke? In fact, they just make the questions more pressing because, clearly, this woman came to Storybrooke on purpose, with a specific intention in mind. Which makes her more dangerous than anyone who was brought over against their will from The Enchanted Forest.

So, naturally, we need to start thinking about the question of Olaf joining OUAT once again. I mean, the signs are obviously there that both Sarah and Elsa can create life with their magic. Elsa created the snow monster a few episodes ago and in the promo for next Sunday's episode, Sarah creates an ice creature as well to use as a weapon. Which makes me wonder why in the world Ed Kitsis and Adam Horowitz wouldn't jump on the opportunity to include Olaf in their Frozen crossover? If the show was going to establish that these two women could, like Disney's Elsa, create life with their powers, why not include Olaf? He's a fan favorite, after all.

There seem to be a few signs that perhaps the Sarah could or has created Olaf. During Sunday night's episode, a puddle appeared near Emma's car, which could've easily been Olaf. I'm grabbing at straws here, I know — but again, OUAT established that these women can make talking snowmen during last Sunday's flashback to Elsa and Sarah's first meeting.

We still know very little solid information about the newly minted Sarah Fisher, but she might be our only hope of getting Olaf on OUAT. So, I guess maybe she's not the absolute worst.

Image: ABC (screengrab)