11 Things Taylor Swift Must Love About NYC

Look, I already know that NYC is the greatest city on Earth — yes, I've lived here for almost my entire life, but the truth is the truth, people. (The 24-hour pizza delivery is really what sold me on this place.) And, apparently Taylor Swift knows the truth, too. Which makes it even more appropriate that I'm obsessively waiting for 1989 to be released on Oct. 27 because Taylor Swift's new song "Welcome to New York" is the love letter NYC truly deserves. I know, I'm a pretty greedy New Yorker — I mean, Frank Sinatra AND Jay Z wrote songs about where I live, now I've got Taylor Swift too? Talk about #blessed. But, in reality, you're pretty #blessed to live in NYC even if you don't care about being recognized in song.

So, as I listened to the preview of Swift's new song this morning (and beamed with joy because this album will be my new favorite thing for ever) I obviously got to thinking about all of the reasons why I love NYC and why I wish I had been smart enough to write a song about it. And THEN, because T Swift is my new imaginary BFF, I got to thinking about all the things the 1989 singer probably loves about NYC.

Thus, Taylor, this is my formal invitation to brunch next Sunday at the restaurant of your choice. (I know you're reading this, so please confirm or deny your availability in a timely manner.) Well, and also a list of 11 things that Taylor Swift totally, completely, and wholeheartedly loves about NYC:

24-hr Grocery Stores

Does T Swift want to bake cookies at 3 a.m. but she doesn't have condensed milk? Well, in NYC you can get anything at all hours. Enjoy that jetlag baking, girl.


I guarantee that whenever Swift has a free weekend in the city (which is probably never, but bear with me) she'd totally be a brunch-er. Brace yourselves for T Swift at your favorite brunch spot.

NYC BFFs Karlie Kloss & Lena Dunham

What is a place without BFFs to enjoy it with?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots

Baked goods and Taylor Swift go together like PB&J. Honestly, I'm surprised she didn't come up with cute chocolate chip cookie shot glasses first.

Bodega Cats

Do I even need to explain this one?

The Brooklyn Bridge

Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Swift is a love junkie. I mean, have you listened to any of her songs? You already know that she's all about the romance of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Del Frisco's Steakhouse

Back in 2010, the singer told InStyle that she basically fell in love with the restaurant's sweet potato casserole, counting it among "6 Random Things Taylor Swift Loves." I mean, the food in general is reason enough to love NYC.

Trader Joe's (& Wine Shop)

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Can't you just see T Swift going nuts at Trader Joe's and the Wine Shop? I mean, anyone could go nuts in that place, but I feel like she'd particularly love it.

Free Wifi

OK, I'm sure Swift has a hotspot. But I feel like she'd probably get so stoked about Starbucks' free wifi — especially now that she loves Tumblr.


Judging by Swift's new internet-winning t-shirt, this girl has officially come to appreciate irony. Welcome to New York, seriously.

She Can Wear Her "Ugly Glasses" In Public

Back in 2008, the singer told JustJared a story about how she rescued a lonely pair of glasses and made them her own because, surprise, she's got "really bad eyesight." But she could only wear them at home because apparently they were that ugly. Well, in NYC anything goes, so maybe those glasses have finally seen the light of day.

Images: Getty Images (2), Taylor Swift/Tumblr