Watch Teenagers React To Trends From The 80s

by Ali Parr

As a child of the '90s, I can't in good conscience say that I am much more of an expert on 80s fashion than the teens in this video, but that's not going to stop me. (It's common knowledge that the moment teenagers turn 20 they immediately become three times more knowledgeable than anyone younger than them, and I'm a few years past that which basically makes me the highest authority on everything ever.) Superciliousness aside, the Fine Brothers are back with a new video from their "Teens React" series, this time rounding up a group of sassy kids to discuss everything from shoulder pads to scrunchies to Oprah dressed as an astronaut.

Among the ancient artifacts that they were shown lay leg warmers, windbreakers, Zubaz, and fanny packs. Oh, and obviously everything was blindingly neon. Though there was a lot of laughter and disgust, these teens did at least recognize that their skinny jeans and UGG boots are going to be similarly mocked by future generations someday. But until that fateful day, Gen Y will continue to act like their ombre hair and lace shorts are cooler than this. That's pretty much how it works – we're all into the stuff we're into, and then have to carry the burden of explaining to our kids that it wasn't wretched, and life marches on.

Image: TheFineBros/YouTube