Dean Is in Big Trouble When Cole Returns

Alright, it's official. Demon Dean, or Deanmon as he is lovingly and cleverly called, is the worst. There, I've said it and now all you fellow Supernatural fans can attack me about it, but I'm not changing my mind. It was definitely fun to watch Deanmon do karaoke and pal around with Crowley. But after what that demon side of him did in the first two episodes of Season 10 of Supernatural , especially what Dean said to Sam and did to Cole in the last 10 minutes of "Reichenbach," it's impossible to believe there is any humanity left in him. Sure, Cole was trying to kill him and Deanmon had every right to want to defend himself, but he made a mockery of Cole's painful past and humiliated him for life. And Deanmon did it all on purpose! I wouldn't blame Cole for wanting revenge, and judging by the fact that he visited a library looking for all of the books about demons before tending to his wounds after his fight with Dean, revenge is yet again exactly what's on his mind. So when and what can we expect from the next Dean vs. Cole showdown?It might take a few more episodes before we see Cole again, but there is no question that we are looking at another brawl. And with Cole's knowledge on demons much more thorough the second time around, this rematch won't be nearly as one-sided. In fact, despite my dislike for Deanmon, I actually fear for his safety because the Dean we all know and love is clearly in there somewhere.

Considering what little we've seen of Cole and the reason behind his mission, we know that his obsession will lead him to find every dangerous weapon in the arsenal against a demon. He won't care that the real Dean is in there, because he's after the real Dean as well. If you remember, Cole's initial reason for wanting vengeance against Dean was due to the human version of the elder Winchester brother killing his father. Presumably, Dean was hunting a monster or demon who sadly happened to take over Cole's father. Dean probably had no choice but to kill him. Obviously Cole would not know this, leading to his desire for revenge.

But what happens when Cole has all of the information and weaponry he needs to defeat Dean? Things aren't looking good for Dean, even if he does have demon strength and attitude. In fact, his attitude could be what harms him. And what if by the time Cole is ready to fight again, Dean is back in human form? It's obvious that now that Sam has Dean in his possession, he will do whatever it takes to get his brother's soul back into human form. He's not willing to let his brother go, regardless of what he might do or say to try and hurt their brotherly bond. But if he does become human before Cole meets him again, that's even more dangerous than Cole without his demon knowledge. All I know is that right now, Demon Dean is the worst, but that doesn't mean I want the good Dean hiding within him to die.

Images: Diyah Pera/The CW; themegalosaurus/Tumblr