CBS & Time Warner: Reunited Like Justin and Selena

As the 2013 Emmys, the fall TV premieres, and the 2013 NFL season drew nearer, the CBS blackout on Time Warner loomed like a dark cloud, crackling and ready to obscure what is arguably the most wonderful time of the television year. Two (seemingly) celestial cable TV entities on which we've placed all our hopes and dreams were about to let us down. But early Monday evening, with all the fanfare of a sly Justin Bieber selfie with Selena Gomez, CBS returned quietly — and only the truly obsessed found out right away. The darkness was lifted and Time Warner's carriage deal with CBS had been restored.

Like Biebs and Selena, the TWC, CBS relationship has been a hot and cold, on and off roller coaster ride of emotions, and it's been driving everyone insane.

For the 3 million subscribers who suffered through the last month without the likes of Big Brother and fellow blackout network Showtime thanks to a pricing dispute between CBS and Time Warner that ramped up Aug. 2, this agreement between the warring parties comes as a giant sigh of relief.

It's almost as healing as knowing that despite all the rumors of animosity (and Taylor Swift's formidable icky face), the former Jelena celebrity duo are getting along just fine, providing us all the Interwebbian entertainment we've always craved. (I suppose that means we're gluttons for celebrity selfies. So be it.)

According to USA Today, CBS employees received the following statement in an email from CEO Les Moonves Monday: "This has been a difficult time for our viewers and for CBS. I am glad it's behind us. It's good to be back." At least someone understands how difficult it is to be a pop culture aficionado at a time like this.

Now, if only we could get Justin and Selena to be just as forthright about their secretive reconciliations.

[Image via Instagram]