11 Recipes Starring Puff Pastry So You Can Fake Incredible Baking Skills

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Are you sitting down? Good. Because I say never mind the farmers' market — you should be shopping the freezer section more often. Sure, it’s the place where you usually find soggy waffles. And OK, it’s mostly reserved for those of us who have given up on life and resigned ourselves to dinner with Netflix. But behind those sliding glass doors is also the best thing that will ever happen to your baking: Puff pastry.

I know, I know. What ever happened to homemade bread and croissants from scratch? The thing is, you don’t always have time to watch your dough rise in the fridge, all while singing it gentle lullabies and folding it every half hour. The good news? You don’t have to sacrifice elegance, too. Instead, on your next trip to the grocery store, pick up a box (or five) of puff pastry, and then go to town all week long. Everything’s better with a little puff, so hold nothing back — turn it into the flakiest breakfast rolls and fall turnovers, into mind-blowing pizza and melt-in-your-mouth cookies. If anyone asks, feel free to tell them you spent hours working on that dough. Your secret’s safe with me.

Image: Have Cake Will Travel

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