9 Essential Breads You Can Make at Home, From Baguette to Brioche

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Think of the most glorious thing you’ve ever eaten. Was it your first bite of pork belly? Maybe the Cronut you waited hours in line for? Whatever your answer, it’s not as good as homemade bread. Period. End of story. I don’t care if you’ve eaten at Eleven Madison Park, in the Swiss Alps, or at a three-star Michelin restaurant in Tokyo — nothing will ever top a pillowy loaf of bread, fresh out of the oven, in your own kitchen.

So why don’t we make bread more often? Simply put, because it’s terrifying. There’s the yeast for starters (pun very much intended): Is it still alive? Did you kill it off? Is it going to turn your dough into a counter-eating monster?

This fall, let’s face our fears. If there were ever a time to experiment with bread-baking, it’s now, when we actually feel like cozying up to our ovens again. To get you started, we turned to the best baking experts we know and rounded up their essential recipes, from a classic baguette to bubble-top brioche. Unlike quick breads, these yeasted ones take time — but when you finally slice a loaf, smother it in butter, and sink your teeth in, you’ll know it’s worth it. Happy baking.

Image: A Pastry Affair

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