Young style diva Demi Lovato isn't the only one repping a beloved '90s shoe brand. Former Beatle Ringo Starr is also the new face of Skechers. Yes, really! What's next? Paul McCartney for Timberlands or Steve Madden for men? The drummer, who is 74, is fronting the brand's Relaxed Fit Footwear campaign, which was previously repped by former athletes such as Joe Montana and Joe Namath. This isn't Starr's first time at the fashion rodeo, either. He appeared in a campaign for John Varvatos, which benefitted his Peace Rocks charity.

Starr will show up in Skechers adds next spring. And maybe, just maybe, the fact that Lovato, whose campaign pics are unsurprisingly gorgeous, and Starr work for the same brand might stoke the fires of a musical collabo? Supremely unrealistic, I know, but I can dream, can't I?

So why Ringo, a septuagenarian? While at first I thought, "Ringo Starr for Skechers? Never saw that coming," I stopped for a second, gathered my thoughts, and realized that he's actually a weirdly perfect fit.

First, one must understand the impact that The Beatles had when Beatlemania invaded America and how that legacy is long-lasting.

Here are three primary reasons that Ringo Starr x Skechers is happening and why it's incredibly smart. And, no, it has (almost) nothing to do with breathing life into a favorite '90s fashion brand.

1. He Is A Musical Legend And Cultural Icon

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Well, let's be honest here. You don't have to be a huge music fan or even a huge fan of The Beatles to understand that Starr was a key figure in creating a style of music that shaped a culture and generation. The Beatles went from a boy band to making incredibly artful and spacey, progressive rock on their own terms. Think One Direction makes girls lose their mind? Yeah, that's nothing compared to Beatlemania.

2. He's Stylish, Even At 74

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The brand pointed to the fact that "Ringo possesses the charm, cool charisma and instant global recognition that will elevate awareness for our popular Relaxed Fit footwear collection" in its press release announcing his appointment as a "spokesmodel," for lack of a better word. "Ringo is not only a music icon, but also a style icon and is the perfect ambassador to illustrate how our footwear helps keep you relaxed in any situation." No arguments here! The picture above displays Starr's still-cool look. Justin Bieber, I hope you're taking notes.

3. A Whole Generation Of People Need To Know Who The Beatles Are

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The Beatles are one of the most critically important bands in music history, obvs, and bringing Ringo Starr to the forefront via a fashion campaign can help remind (and educate) the newer, younger generations of a band they need to know about. This appointment as a Skechers ambassador could open the doors of The Beatles' music to kids who never heard it and that is always a good thing. I love when music, culture, and fashion converge like this.

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