9 Gorgeous Meringue Recipes That Will Make You Feel Like a Total Baking Goddess

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If you ask me, meringues defy all logic. They’re finicky and airy — but however much they look like dollops of whipped cream, let us not forget that they are fluffy egg whites at heart. That’s just plain weird.

Here’s the thing, though: Meringues are also delicious. No two ways about it. Unbaked, a whipped egg white is your go-to topping for cakes and pies. It’s the lift in your soufflé, the rise in your macaron, and sometimes even the oomph in your morning pancakes. Throw a meringue in the oven, and it’s just as wonderful eaten alone, right off the baking tray. So this fall, let’s get to know it better. Choose your method — Swiss, French, or Italian — and then go wild. Bake your egg whites, break them, top them with coconut cream. You’re the master, after all, of your own meringue.

Image: A Pastry Affair

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