9 Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Recipes That Will Easily Overshadow the Turkey

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The queen bee of Thanksgiving is the turkey (obviously). But second in line for the throne of deliciousness? The fixings. And sweet potatoes are an incredibly important fixing! So what if they most likely weren’t served at the first Thanksgiving? Sweet potatoes are here now, and we should be grateful for them. So let’s show our gratitude by mashing them with butter and cream. And then let’s show even more gratitude by topping them with wildly irresponsible things like crumbled bacon and brown butter and fried sage. Because it’s Thanksgiving. And because we can.

Let’s bake them in donuts and then cover the donuts in a pecan pie crumble. Let’s whip them into a soufflé and pretend that they’re oh my god so light so that we can eat twice as many of them. Let’s twice-bake them and top them in toasted marshmallows and put them on our dinner plate when where they really belong is our dessert plate. Let’s blend them in ice cream and toss them with quinoa and bake them in cornbread. Let’s freaking do this. Guys, let’s sweet potato. And, while we’re at it (because this is important), let’s not forget the third on the list of Thanksgiving importance, which is, of course, sweatpants.

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