Kate Middleton's First Pregnancy Appearance Since Announcing Her Second Child — Was There Any Doubt She Would Look Fabulous?

Ever since the Royal Family announced back in early September that Kate Middleton will be soon be expecting another regal offspring, the world (or maybe just me, no shame) has been waiting with bated breath for the first glimpse of that royal baby bump. The world (again, or possibly just me) can now officially relax because Kate Middle has made her first public appearance after announcing her second pregnancy. And, of course, she looks fabulous. Was there ever any actual doubt on that one, though?

On a Tuesday visit with the president of Singapore, the duchess stepped out in an old favorite — a fit and flare Alexander McQueen gray coat — accessorized with a custom Jane Taylor hat and Annoushka pearl earrings, for a ride in a carriage procession around Buckingham Palace (causal). That hat though doesn’t look like the only thing that was tailor-made. The McQueen coat is a flawless fit for Kate – expertly tailored and chic on top and effortlessly flowy going down, strategically masking whatever teeny-tiny baby bump may exist. Seriously though, the duchess is to-die-for. I have literally zero desire to bear children, but would maybe actually consider it if I could look like this.

Granted, girlfriend is only thirteen weeks along but, if this is anything like her first pregnancy, the duchess is probably going to be making mothers everywhere jealous for all nine months. Remember when she stepped out in that blue dress, looking immaculate like a second after giving birth? Ugh, she can’t be human. Guess Lorde was right when she dashed my princess dreams.

Images: Getty Images; Giphy