'Under The Never Sky's Veronica Rossi Announces New Books 'Riders' and 'Seeker' And They Sound Awesome

Luckily, young adult readers haven't had to wait long for news from one of their favorite authors. After publishing the final book of her immensely popular Under The Never Sky series in January, Veronica Rossi's next book, Riders,is already on its way, she announced on her website Tuesday. But that's not all: Under The Never Sky's sequel, Seeker, is also in the works.

Rossi described Riders on her website, and it sounds totally unique with her signature dose of science fiction and compelling characters:

Veronica Rossi's RIDERS [is] the story of four modern-day teens brought together by an enigmatic girl, who unwittingly become incarnations of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, tasked with protecting mankind against an ancient evil; told through the eyes of a young army Ranger candidate who becomes the embodiment of War.

Seeker will continue the story, and will be told from the perspective of a "visionary girl with whom the Ranger falls in love." Both novels will be published by Tor Books.

But don't get too excited just yet. The books are slated for Winter 2016 and 2017 releases, so you'll have to contain your glee until then.

Rossi already has a massive fan base from her dystopian Under the Never Sky series, which consists of three books and two accompanying novellas. Warner Bros. optioned Under the Never Sky movie rights back in 2010, and fans are still eagerly anticipating to see if it's adapted.

Despite what may seem like a long wait, Rossi's fans are thrilled at the news of two new books, flooding her Twitter feed with their congratulations:

But seriously: Time machine to 2016? Sounds good to me.