Michelle Phan's First Book is Out Today

Hold the phone, everyone: Michelle Phan's first book hits the shelves today! The slightly cumbersomely-titled Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success — Online and Off , has a pretty wide-reaching range: It seems to be part how-to guide, part style manual, part Miss Manners, part autobiography, part self-help. It even covers social media, PR, and branding.

Not bad for one book, eh? A one-stop shop for everything from perfecting your morning routine (according to Today, hers involves doing squats while brushing teeth and reading emails in the shower — I thought I was the only one who did that! I've stopped shower-reading since the drought, though) to crafting a good cover letter and nailing a job interview.

In a nutshell, it teaches you how Michelle Phan became Michelle Phan — and how you can find your own version of her massive success (which I'm totally on board with). I'm especially excited to hear about her branding tips — apparently, a lot of it comes down to how she stays true to herself. Allure published a few choice pieces of advice, wherein Michelle instructs her readers on how to create an online persona that lets your "personality come through."

Anyway, to celebrate the release of Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success — Online and Off, let's take a look at some of her best tutorials. Bonus: Some of them are absolutely perfect for the rapidly-approaching Halloween!

Breakfast at Zombie's

Here's one of her newest (it was published last week) — how perfect is this? Two pop culture giants colliding into one fabulously gross Halloween costume. Try it, if only by volition of the fact that it will make a great conversation starter.

Daenerys Targaryen

Fact: Roughly 3 million people have tried this tutorial, looked in the mirror, and said a phrase containing one or more of the following sayings/words: "Khaleesi," "Breaker of Chains," "Dracarys" or "Valar morghulis."

Lady Gaga

Almost 50 million views = ICON STATUS.

Sailor Moon

Especially perfect, what with 25th anniversary reboot Sailor Moon Crystal enchanting all of our souls.

Adventure Time

Oh my glob:

And if Lumpy Space Princess isn't quite your speed, there's also Lady Rainicorn:

One last Adventure Time tutorial — this isn't Michelle Phan, but Alle of xoVain's Princess Bubblegum is basically flawless.

Angelina Jolie

There's no other explanation for this other than straight-up WIZARDRY.

And last but not least, her most viewed video, ever:


This tutorial is especially timely, what with the year Barbie's having. Now, all you need is some Moschino to complete the look!