Little Princesses Use F-Bomb's To Promote Feminism

There are two very dirty "F" words in the English language: "Fuck" and (unfortunately) "Feminism". But that's slowly changing for the latter, especially with campaigns like FCKH8, which uses adorable little girls dressed as princesses and swearing like pirates to promote gender equality. The girls, aged between 6 and 13, are probably the cutest things on earth, no exaggeration. When they start dropping F-bombs to show exactly how offensive gender inequality is, they become so fierce it's impossible to look away as they ask the question, "What's more offensive, a little girl saying fuck or the sexist way society treats girls and women?"

The video is obviously meant to shock you into listening, and to that end, it does its job. But it also manages, for all the dressed up frills, to really slap you in the face with the cold hard facts about modern sexism; Unequal pay, the prevalence of rape and sexual assault, the objectification of the female body and the lack of emphasis put on the female brain are all covered by the princesses. Giving society's backwards approach to the treatment of women the sassiest possible dressing down, the girls have ample attitude and a confidence that I hope is instilled in this generation of tiny little power women. Their war cry is so stirring it's bound to make the hairs on the back of your neck prickle. Watch below:

Image: FCKH8/Vimeo