Some of the Worst Sexts Ever, Read Out Loud

We've all been there — the horrible Tinder or OKCupid pick-up line that is either too crass and sexual, too rude and condescending, or just plain too bad. In a new hilarious video, Sasha Grey joins "Creepy Text Theatre" to read terrible sexts out loud, turning the awkward perils of horrible Tinder conversations into comedy reality that also sheds light on just how horrible some people can be when protected by Internet anonymity. Some highlights of creepy texts men have sent women include "hey can I have some baby pics? Because I'm hard baby" to the classic "I'm naked lol."

This isn't the first piece of parody art to come out about Tinder, OKCupid, or, you know, creepy sexting in general. My personal favorites are "Local Attraction," a hilarious miniseries about bad Tinder dates, and College Humor's "This Dude is Really Good at Tinder," which documents a bunch of awkward Tinder messages made funny by one man's brilliant attempts to alleviate the situation.

But Creepy Text Theatre's spin, funny as it seems, is not just about comedy. Hearing these sexts read aloud — which range from being slightly creepy to downright ridiculous — only reiterates how absurd and unacceptable they are.

Don't get me wrong — for many people, OKCupid and Tinder have led to some great dates and hookups, and both make it easy for people to take the oftentimes intimidating first step toward saying hello. But sometimes, we all just wish they would keep the offers of "dick pics" out of it.

Check out Creepy Text Theatre's NSFW video and prepare to cringe. A lot.

Images: YouTube