What Exactly Will Cause Their Inevitable Breakup?

Last season on Nashville, Scarlett's childhood BFF Zoey rushed into town and before we knew it, she was singing at the Bluebird Cafe and smooching Scarlett's ex-love Gunnar Scott. It sounds way more dramatic than it actually was. Gunnar and Zoey were initially worried about Scarlett's reaction to their hookup, but Scarlett turned out to be pretty cool with it. Since then, the couple has faced more challenges in the form of Kiley, Gunnar's very first love who's resurfaced in his life, and, well, Scarlett again. But does this mean Gunnar and Zoey are headed for a breakup? Chaley Rose, the actress who plays Zoey, told People to expect Gunnar to break Zoey's heart on Nashville. Uh oh.

It also sounds like Zoey will be the lovelorn heartbroken one when everything is said and done. "It's definitely going to stop going her way," Rose wrote in the blog post for People. "Zoey is madly in love with Gunnar. She wants to be that girl for him. She doesn't want to replace Scarlett, but she wants to have what they had." It doesn't sound likely that Zunnar (Goey?) will make it to the end of the season, so now the question that remains is what exactly will cause their breakup.

Scarlett Will Probably Have A Little to Do With It

Come on, Scarlett has inadvertently been an obstacle in Zunnar's relationship since day one. Zoey saw them together last week and assumed something illicit was going on, when they were merely planning a surprise party for her. Zoey's jealousy can't help but rear its head because she'll always be threatened by the bond they had — and continue to have even though they're now broken up. "She just sees the bond Scarlett and Gunnar will always have and senses it will always be a thing between them," Rose wrote for People. "It's that songwriting chemistry they have, which kicked off their romance in the first place."

Gunnar Might rekindle his romance with Kiley

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In a recent episode, Gunnar ran into his first love while at a party called Barn-aroo. Alexa Vega, best known for starring in the Spy Kids movies, plays Kiley and has been confirmed to appear in a multi-episode arc, so we can expect to see the single mother character again. But will she end up in Gunnar's arms the next time we see her?

Zoey May Find a new man on tour

Hey, what if it's not Gunnar who breaks Zoey's heart and all of this is some kind of red herring? It could be Zoey who causes the collapse of Zunnar while she's performing on tour, living the glamorous life. She'll be in a new environment, meeting all kinds of new bandmates and roadies. She could wind up hooking up with one of them, making Gunnar and her jealousy of Scarlett a distant, far away memory.

We may not know what exactly will bring the end of Zoey and Gunnar, but it's safe to say this is one Nashville relationship that probably won't make it through the winter.

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