'Mad Men' Actors Have Performed Their Scenes Drunk But Can You Guess Which Ones?

There are a lot of things Mad Men is known for: Its slow-burn narrative, the intricacy of its costuming, its artful form. Something else it's known for is the fact that its characters drink. A lot. So much. So how much of that's infiltrated the set itself? According to creator Matthew Weiner, Mad Men actors have definitely filmed scenes drunk. Which begs the question: Which oneessss?

There's a lot of great stuff in Vulture's short interview with Weiner and Sally Draper actress Kiernan Shipka. They talk, for instance, about prepping for the looming ending. But c'mon: I just wanna know when Jon Hamm, John Slattery, Elisabeth Moss, or Christina Hendricks actually got drunk and when they didn't. Sometimes you just gotta go with your base instincts of detectiveing when people were wasted and when they weren't.

The thing is, this is a behemoth of a question, for two main reasons: The acting on Mad Men is great and often seamless, and the characters on Mad Men have ben drunk a lot. This is a show at least partially known for the casual alcoholism of Don Draper and his colleagues. So when did the actual drunkenness take place? The opportunities are endless, so it's probably best that they were drinking water and onion water.

Onion water. Yeah. They can't drink that and act. I don't want to ruin the show for you. I mean. they can [drink alcohol]. I'm not saying that no one's ever done a scene drunk on Mad Men. I will not say that, but most of the time, what you're looking at, what we provide for them, is water.

One of my top votes goes to the scene in which Hamm's Don pitches Life cereal while visibly inebriated:

ryleeryno on YouTube

Or as Don and Joan get progressively sloppy and flirty as the night goes on:

bbgcasas on YouTube

Though, like I said, there have been plenty of other opportunities. So, so many:

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Image: AMC