Do You Really Care How Much This Ring Cost?

Everyone knows it's not who you marry, it's how big your ring is, right? Who What Wear recently published a piece entitled "How Much Should You REALLY Spend on an Engagement Ring?" The article offers several options such as three months' salary, one months' salary, or splitting the cost. But one quote in particular bugged me: "If you’ve ever thought about getting engaged at any point in your life, then you’ve probably at least pondered how much your potential betrothed should be expected to pay for the ring. " Wait, really????? Are we serious right now?

I'm not the kind of girl who has her wedding pre-planned on Pinterest (but seriously, no judgment if you are). However, if there's one thing I know about my future nuptials it's this: I don't want a giant diamond engagement ring. I want a ring, one that I'll love and want to look at every single day as it sits on my hand. But I don't care how much that ring costs, and I don't think anyone should. Love is what matters here, not money (I'm talking both the ring and the relationship). But it seems like people are overly hung up on what percentage of a fiancée's yearly salary gets dished out at the jewelry counter.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I know that some people strongly desire a rock the size of their face to prove that their betrothed loves them a ton or whatever. But throughout my entire life, whenever I've pondered the idea of one day being engaged, the cost of the ring has been the furthest thing from my mind. I can't believe there are people who actually worry about the price of their ring. Who cares how much it costs? Why do we need "rules" to help us figure out how much should be spent? It's the thought that counts!

And besides, that million karat diamond might lead to the downfall of your marriage anyway. Why not save that three months' worth of salary for a downpayment on a house (or at least a wicked sweet honeymoon) and choose one of these lovely, affordable engagement ring options instead?

1. Uncut Diamond

Rough around the edges for the unconventional bride-to-be.

$235, PointNoPointStudio,

2. Silver Leaf

Diamonds? What diamonds?

$175, shirliclassicjewelry,

3. Black Diamond

This one isn't exactly cheap, but it's not exactly three months' salary expensive either.

$1,666.97, DolicaDiamonds,

4. Aquamarine

A hint of color adds a whole lot of interest to this otherwise classic ring.

$785, LaMore Design,

5. Vintage Pearl

Looks like a hand-me-down in the best way possible.

$350, FergusonsFineJewelry,

Images: Getty Images, Etsy (5)