She's Going To Be The Best 'Voice' Advisor Ever

It's probably time we just change the name of the month from October to Swiftober, because let's be real — that's pretty much what it is. With the release of Taylor Swift's upcoming album, 1989, less than a week away, Swift is everywhere you look, and it's a beautiful thing. There's more than just new music coming Monday, though. Another T Swift endeavor is debuting: Swift's appearance as an advisor on The Voice . And if you weren't sure about Swift sharing the screen with everyone's celebrity boyfriend Adam Levine, the promo that NBC released today will alleviate all your fears. Put "Out of The Woods" on pause for a second and experience it for yourself.

Oh, this promo. Where do I begin? If I wasn't already hopelessly devoted to everything Swift, this might be what convinced me. In under two minutes, Swift totally steals the show. "Are we on camera now? Where are they? This is terrifying. Do you guys have drones?" she asks as she takes a seat in one of the famous spinning red chairs for the first time. How cute is she? I generally can't stomach too many singing shows, but I need to see this episode.

And although Taylor Swift has proven there is nothing in the world she isn't good at, being a coach on The Voice might be her best move yet.

Her chemistry with the judges is undeniable

Anyone who's seen The Voice already knows about the bromance between Levine and Blake Shelton, but I could totally see Swift being everybody's BFF. She banters playfully with Shelton, laughs knowingly with Gwen Stefani, and teases Levine about his interpretive dance skills. How is it possible that this girl has a natural chemistry with all of these people? Maybe she should write her own version of How to Make Friends and Influence People.

She knows her stuff

Having built her career from the ground up starting when she was 16 years old — and literally taking her label, Big Machine Records, from an unknown in the industry to the home of some of the most successful country artists in music in just a matter of years — if I was going to ask for advice about breaking into music, I'd ask Taylor Swift. She knows all about building a brand that people will love and want to stand behind, and aside from her singing and songwriting chops, she's a hell of a businesswoman.

She has so much tact

The contestants on The Voice are there because they want to be music artists more than anything in the world, and I can totally see where helping them find their place in music would be a bit of a tricky tightrope walk. You need to be honest with them, but you shouldn't crush their spirit, and I think Swift is the perfect person to accomplish this. I feel like she could deliver the worst news in an uplifting way, and she'd have no trouble relating to these would-be superstars without discouraging them from going after their dream.

She's super entertaining

Aside from her hilarious dance moves, Swift is just a fun person to watch do just about anything. Between her facial expressions and her sarcastic sense of humor, I think she'll be a breath of fresh air for the show.

I would watch her do anything on TV, really

This girl just released eight seconds of static on iTunes in Canada on accident and it soared to number one on the charts. I think my point's been proven.

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