Nina Dobrev's 'Originals' & 'TVD' Crossover Stills: Your Thoughts vs. What's Really Happening — PHOTOS

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Remember that time Julie Plec decided to take the last thing any Vampire Diaries or Originals fan ever wanted and turn it into a crossover? Well, it's here. The CW has released the first photos of the Vampire Diaries and Originals crossover episode, "Red Door," that'll air on Nov. 3. And, no, I'm sorry — there is absolutely no Klaroline action going on. There are, however, plenty of photos of Nina Dobrev as Tatia, another Petrova doppelgänger. (Remember that other time when Julie Plec said we were done with doppelgängers?)

The photos don't reveal much more than previously released spoilers for the crossover — both Klaus and Elijah apparently fell for Tatia in the Middle Ages and that's set to be the main focus for "Red Door." Well, that, and apparently the fact that crimping irons were invented in the Middle Ages.

Image: Annette Brown/The CW

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