What "Playboy For Preppy White Women" Looks Like

It's fair to say that outside The Social Network and the Winkelvoss twins, most of us know little to nothing about rowing. But apparently, the sport has access to a whole world of fashion that none of us had any clue about. Rowing blazers are striped and colorful symbols of the rowing world, and surprise — there's a whole book of photos of handsome men wearing said rowing blazers out there in the world. And who better to discover and explore the wide world of rowing blazers than Kate Hendricks, AKA Kate the Wasp, a comedienne who has made a name for herself by making fun of stereotypical privileged white women.

In her newest video, Hendricks sits down with the author of a book called simply: Rowing Blazers. Because, hey, no one said rowers were the most creative of athletes, guys. As Hendricks flips through the pages of the book with the author, she makes comments about the men in the blazers, the blazers themselves and of course, allows us all to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all through her satirical character's comments.

"For me, it feels sort of like...Playboy for preppy white women," and a "celebration of the one percent" are phrases that Hendricks throws around during the interview/conversation/book preview, and it's hard not to chuckle to yourself as you think of that preppy phase you went through in high school or your friend in college who monogrammed her dish towels.