Facebook Wants You To Feel The Love

Facebook's Messenger app isn't doing so well lately. Given its kind of annoying interface and its egregious (albeit overblown) privacy violations, it might actually be the most hated popular app ever. But Facebook's newest ad for Messenger shows its romantic side, presenting it as the perfect way to communicate with someone special.

The ad, which appeared as AdWeeks "Ad of the Day," on Wednesday, shows a couple using the messenger's different multimedia options to send sweet nothings to each other. The couple takes advantage of Messenger's voice message, video, picture, and sticker features to say, "I love you." The couple then magically floats into the air, hand-in-hand.

The whole thing is, of course, set to a ukelele cover of Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling In Love," because Facebook obviously wanted me to cry today. The ad ends with the tag, "Say love you better. Say anything better."

I have to admit, the whole thing is pretty stinkin' cute, but Valentine's Day isn't coming any time soon and I can't help but wonder what the ad is trying to say makes Messenger the ideal romance app. Short of displaying how the app's features, which are not unique, can be used to text your beau or belle, the message kind of falls flat. There are, after all, apps for couples who are long distance or want a special way to communicate.

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That's not to say that Messenger has no unique romantic capabilities. Here are some ways only everyone's least favorite app can spice up your love life.

You can spam each other with funny cat pictures, gifs, and videos

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And all without going over your text limit. Nothing says, "Thinking of you" like cats on a treadmill.

You can make dinner plans using food stickers

Nothing says "Sexy, can I?" like an artfully placed Pusheen sticker.

You can say it with flowers, even when you're too broke to buy flowers

You can give them your heart without paying for expensive surgery

You can break the ice with really unfortunate tagged photos of you from freshman year of high school/college

You can break the ice with really unfortunate tagged photos of them from freshman year of high school/college

Sorry, babe.

But, most importantly, you can remind them you love them from anywhere, at any time, with the click of a button

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