6 Times Rihanna Wore Fur (And Looked Amazing) That'll Inspire You To Pick Up Some Faux Pieces Right Now

Be it real or faux, fur is decidedly in — and I, for one, couldn't be happier (being as I like all things cozy). I mean, when you think about it, it's kind of the ultimate... well, everything. It's super soft and cuddly without veering towards those collegiate candy-colored fleeces, it's warm but more fun than your standard wool coat or leather jacket — and perhaps most importantly of all, they have the added bonus of injecting that sought-after coolness to just about any look imaginable. Add in the fact that faux fur can be just as fun as the real thing, and you've got yourself an all-around winner. Oh, and did I mention that Rihanna's routinely been wearing it like no one's business? Well, now we all know the trend has arrived.

RiRi's actually been sporting the look a lot lately — she's been photographed out on the town sporting the trend; from everywhere from the outside of her NYC apartment to this year's CFDA Awards (that outfit made headlines worldwide, but it wasn't her fur stole that stirred the media attention, if you'll recall). Heck, just the other day, she stepped out in just about the most luxuriously baby pink fur coat in the history of ever:


Pretty much perfect, no?


Off the shoulder + fur = CLASSIC. Cruella Deville knew what was up:


Oh! She wore it again!


Who know Barbie-pink fur could look so cute this side of second grade?


Like Cruella, Vogue also happens to know what's up.

And finally, the infamous CFDA ensemble:


Icon status.

Images: Getty Images; Twitter