In Other News: Sept 3, 2013

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Anthony Weiner is so yesterday. It's looking like public advocate Bill de Blasio may just win New York City's Democratic primary for mayor. According to a new poll, de Blasio is currently way in the lead, with 43 percent of the vote. He needs 40 percent to avoid a costly runoff.

The New York Times is in hot water after cutting a reference to the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC from an article about Syria.

It has, however, released a wedding announcement that candidly discusses the couple's decision to have an abortion, which is pretty groundbreaking.

Former President George W. Bush joined Instagram over the weekend, and comments on his page already fall into seven distinct camps, according to New York magazine.

Turns out Futurama's depiction of the future is spot-on — not about that weird giant squid or one-eyed woman, but about media. Here's an astute editorial from Slate about how the program predicted today's media landscape.

What does a "liberal education" mean when it occurs in an authoritarian country?

Could the unique rhythm of your heart one day be an alternative to a semantic password? Maybe...

A giant glass building in London is not coping well with the sunshine. As in, its having a "magnifying glass" effect, which is a fancy way of saying it's melting cars. Oops.

So, American Apparel's newest cover star is a Hasidic Jew.

Well, that was inevitable.

As we speak, Dennis Rodman is touching down in North Korea town, where he plans to hang with his old bud Kim Jong-un. But what other artists have performed in front of dictators?

What kind of questions do black actors get asked when they're playing slaves at historic monuments? Really stupid ones, as you can see right here.

Speaking of stupid. This Ohio man was forced to wear a sign around his neck reading "idiot" after he threatened police during a 911 call.

And finally, to brighten up your Tuesday, here's a lovely photo series that seeks to answer the question of what lasting love looks like.