She Went Black Swan to the American Ballet Theatre

Okay, there's on theme (think Angelina Jolie's tastefully evil pumps during the Maleficent press tour), and then there's on theme (think Katy Perry wearing a bedazzled Smurfette dress, along with Smurfette false eyelashes and a Smurfette wig to the New York premiere of The Smurfs). Guess which one Ms. Olivia Munn wore to the American Ballet Theatre fall gala in Manhattan on Wednesday night?

Yup, she (metaphorically speaking) took to the Smurfette school of thought: She wore a LBD that bore a very (very) close resemblance to.... well, a tutu. It was full-skirted (like a tutu), it hit her about mid-thigh (like a tutu), it was covered in feathers (like a tutu), and it featured a touch of tasteful sparkle (like a tutu — though, to be fair a real tutu probably would have indulged a little more in the glitter department). Add that to the fact that she wore very point shoe-esque black satin platform stilettos, and paired it all with a slicked back ballerina bun?

She went full Black Swan on us. Not that I'm complaining — I actually thought she looked kind of great. She could have shaken it up a little more with the styling, and maybe left the hemline where it originally was, to make it a touch less... en pointe (sorry; couldn't help myself), but other than that? I'm never gonna say no to ultra-dramatic black feathered LBDs.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And also, when you think about, Halloween is just around the corner... with a good makeup tutorial or two up her sleeve, this could prove to be the end all be all at whatever parties she chooses to attend!

Images: Getty Images; Twitter