We Can't Believe People Like This Exist

I'm sure that this seemingly drunk, ranting, racist tour bus guide in San Francisco thinks she's having her great Network moment of finally going all "fuck The Man" and laying down her version of realness for the benefit of her captive (and paying, ugh, bless these people) audience, but in reality, all we have here is a perfect warning about the difference between how you see yourself when you're wasted, and how the rest of the world sees you. Oh, and also it's a perfect example of that fact that a heartless, racist piece of shit is just 40 ounces below the surface of some people.

I'm also dying to know who was driving this bus. I've never been on a tour bus through any city (although one did spray me with puddle water this morning in the East Village and that's about as close as I ever need to get to one to understand that they're the worst) but I'm fairly certain that the driver can hear what's being said upstairs? No? Someone get back to me on this. Because in my mind, not only are these tourists being subjected to the ceaseless, offensive ranting of someone who, for all purposes, appears to be the most horrible human in San Francisco, but I gotta think that the driver is equally wasted to allow this shit to keep going for so long. Anyway, just a theory. Either way, this is super gross. People are the worst. Also, I've eaten turtle before and it's fine.

Image: Blue Waikiki/Flickr