They're Getting Back Together!

This kind of love can't stay off the dance floor for too long. Dancing with the Stars Season 18 winners and lovebirds Maks and Meryl are reuniting in Sway: A Dance Trilogy . No, this is not a drill, Maksyl fans. The DWTS pair that won the hearts of the series fans and sparked major Maksyl fan-fiction (and possibly served as a template for Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy's onscreen "romance") are getting back together to "give people a little Maks and Meryl magic – even if it's just for a day," the dancer tells People. How did Maks know exactly what we've all been dreaming of every night since DWTS Season 18 ended?

According to the report, Maksyl will revive a couple of their dances from their winning DWTS run for one day only. Yes, unfortunately, Meryl Davis will only perform with Maks during the Dec. 17 matinee and evening performances of Sway in Westbury, NY. So, get ready for the next dose of Maksyl chemistry — even though the dancer says that they aren't dating. Along with the big reunion reveal, Maks tells People, "We aren't dating, and I don't think we will. She is very special. I care very deeply for Meryl. Our friendship is where it will be for many years. She is awesome to spend time with."

Well, I can think of a few dances from Maksyl's run on DWTS last season that could change both of their minds about getting together. (OK, fine, all of their dances could do that, but they'll only revive a few so we need to choose the BEST.) Because we all know that there was definitely something more than friendship and just a "showmance" between the Olympian and the dancer.

Their Season Finale Freestyle

I could watch this forever. I swear.

Their Week 6 Tango

A true testament to how they're perfect partners.

Their "All of Me" Foxtrot

I mean, C'MON.

Their Emotionally Charged Rumba

All of the feels. I feel them all. Right now. (Note to self: bring tissues to this show.)

The Waltz Where They Couldn't Stop Looking Into Each Other's Eyes

Are they seriously not dating? Because I don't believe it and it doesn't seem like they do either.