'DWTS' Shippers Should Check Out Maksyl Fan Fic

The eighteenth season of Dancing with the Stars may have ended on Tuesday night, but the frenzy surrounding winners Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy is still heating up. Thanks to their sexual tension-infused dancing, flirty interviews, and mutual hotness, Meryl and Max quickly became DWTS ' top will they/won't they couple and now that the show is over, fans are dying for the dance partners to confirm that they're actually dating. So far, Meryl and Maks have denied any romantic relationship but there's still good news for all of the shippers out there. To hold you over until the pair inevitably confesses their love, there is Maksyl fan fiction on Tumblr.

The blog, simply called Maskyl fic, rounds up the best fan fiction Tumblr has to offer, posts prompts to inspire writers, and lets fans make requests. It may be kind of weird to have fan fiction for two real people, rather than fictional characters, but when they keep denying their attraction, what else are shippers supposed to do?

The content really varies. There's everything from quick stories about Maks killing a spider for a grossed out Meryl to longer fic split into chapters chronicling their post- DWTS lives, including marriage and children. Want to know what really happened before and after the Wendy Williams interview? There's fan fiction for that. Curious about what their hypothetical children would go on to achieve? That's covered too. And of course, it is fan fiction, so if you're looking for a raunchy tale the author rates as "NC-17 (porn y'all)," there's plenty.

It doesn't look like the real Maks and Meryl are ready to come forward with a relationship anytime soon, so Maksyl shippers, you might want to start reading.