Keeping up with the Kardashian Fragrances

by Marenah Dobin

Kim Kardashian has a huge empire full of products including clothes, shoes, handbags, self-tanner, makeup, nail polish, and perfume. Adding to this long list, Kardashian just released her seventh fragrance. Wow, that is a lot of different perfumes for any brand, let alone for a celebrity. What is different about this perfume than the six before it? Well, according to its description the latest perfume smells "dangerously alluring" and "unavoidably temping." It's called Fleur Fatale and "aims to reflect her love of roses." Additionally, it's said to be a "beautifully floral and elegant scent."

With Kardashian's recent marriage and new baby, it is only fitting that the perfume's press release elaborates by saying, "With Kim's life continuing to blossom into the next chapter, it's time to plant a new seed with a seventh scent to add to her growing portfolio of successful fragrances." I never realized that so much thought went into explaining a fragrance. There is more to it than saying it smells like flowers or vanilla. There is emotion, back story, and intention beyond the actual description of scent notes.

I'm not going to lie, I actually have a couple of the Kardashian fragrances. As an avid watcher of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, there were a go-to gift for me. Still, I wonder about the differences between these fragrances. If I was shopping and wanted a Kim K fragrance, how would I know which one to get? Check out the perfume descriptions to see if "dangerously alluring" is for you, or if another absurd description suits you better.

Kim Kardashian

Discover the irresistible new fragrance by one of the world’s most idolized women. The essence evokes Kim’s sultry style with crisp top notes, lush mid notes and a sexy drydown. Gorgeous voluptuous florals reflect her allure, while soft jasmine, tuberose and gardenia mirror her femininity. Tonka bean, jacaranda wood and sandalwood base the fragrance with a warm sensual drydown. Experience glamour and luxury with Kim Kardashian.

Ah, the original. This baby came to us back in 2009 in the golden era when Kim was dating Reggie Bush and wearing hoop earrings with sweat suits. I am not quite sure what a "sexy drydown" is, but judging by that description, I am not sure that I want to smell like Kim Kardashian circa 2009.

Kim Kardashian Love

Kim Kardashian Love by Kim Kardashian is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Kim Kardashian Love was launched in 2011. Top notes are jasmine, freesia and red currant; middle notes are tuberose, rose and mimosa; base notes are musk, sandalwood and orris root.

This one was a little difficult to find online. It does not appear to be sold at many fragrance outlets. As a result, there is not as detailed of a description as the other fragrances. But, if you think about it a Kim Kardashian Fragrance called "Love" in 2011 aka the year she married Kris Humphries is probably not going to sell well and is not a product that Kardashian would want to keep going. I've never smelled it, but the context makes me say "good riddance."


Gold is a luxurious, rich and opulent fragrance highlighted by the tagline that claims it to "Transcend Ordinary" ... The fragrant composition of Gold, intended for hot summer, begins with a rich burst of bergamot, grapefruit and pink pepper. The heart includes a floral bouquet of jasmine, tender rose and dewy violet. The addictive base blends patchouli, sandalwood, amber and creamy benzoin, all wrapped in an elegant and warm veil of musk.

This is definitely an intriguing description. I mean no one actually wants to be ordinary. So if smelling like gold can get you away from being average, sure go for it. Since the fragrance is intended for "hot summer," maybe Kardashian switches to another one of her fragrances each season. This is actually possible given the extensive variety of Kim K perfumes to choose from.


Glam is a floral-fruity fragrance with powdery woody-musky background. It opens with accords of watermelon, juicy red berries and citrus. The heart encompasses flowers of star jasmine, tuberose and rose absolute. The final trail consists of orris butter, sandalwood and musk.

Unlike the previous perfumes, this description focuses solely on the scent instead of creating a Kardashian-like persona. I am not sure what "glam" is supposed to embody, but I would love to feel glamorous during every day life in that Kardashian sort of way.

True Reflection

True Reflection is a truly feminine, very well-balanced composition which is built of fruity, watery and floral notes. The composition starts with fresh mouthwatering notes of Italian bergamot, luscious plum and peach. The heart is composed of floral notes: night blooming gardenia, chocolate orchid and lotus flower. Textured woods, patchouli and skin musk are included in the base notes.

This definitely an interesting name for a fragrance. Kardashian is known for taking mirror photos and selfies, and is even publishing her own selfie book. She's very familiar with her own reflection making this a great perfume name. Still, I have no idea what "skin musk" is, but that does not sound like a delightful smell to say the least.

Pure Honey

Kim says that for her this perfume represents pure femininity and that it is warm and inviting. Perfumer Claude Dir developed this composition of notes of roses and wild honeycomb.

This is definitely the most straight forward fragrance in her line. It is very clear from the title what it is supposed to smell like and what you can expect. The only thing is that it does not fit in with the Hollywood nature of the rest of her scents. When I think Kim Kardashian, honey does not come to mind. Whereas with the other scents, the words "glam," "true reflection," and "gold" make more sense to go along with her brand.

Now you can make gift shopping easier and buy a Kim Kardashian fragrance for everyone, while still maintaining a variety of presents. One of your friends must want to smell like "sexy drydown..."

Images: Fragrantica.com (6)