No, Seriously, Is Jake Alive?

Last week, we were on the edge our seat about Jake's potential death on Scandal . And this week, we are...still on the edge of our seats about Jake's potential death on Scandal. Seriously, Shonda Rhimes, why do you keep doing this to us?

Unfortunately, even though we are all becoming bigger and bigger fans of Jake, both as a character and a (superior) love interest for Olivia Pope, Scandal has already proved that it isn't unwilling to kill off main characters that the audience loves. And Jake's fate is definitely in danger at this point.

After all, everything is stacked against him at this point: the shows most notorious mastermind is plotting against him, the president is already looking for an excuse to hate him, and even his (epically wonderful) girlfriend Olivia Pope is doubting him. And it's that last point that has us most worried. After all, Olivia Pope is the person you call on when you need to move mountains and overcome impossible odds. If she isn't in Jake's corner, his odds of survival go way down.

Of course, if Jake dies, that would mean huge things for the show. If Jake is killed either by the president or on his orders, that puts a potentially insurmountable roadblock in the path to a potential romantic reunion between Fitz and Olivia if and when they learn he was actually innocent. On the other hand, it might prove the catalyst those same characters need to go after Eli Pope with everything they have; he not only murdered people close to them, after all, but would have manipulated them into allowing an innocent man they both cared for (at one time or other) to die.

And let's be real: it might take a Fitz and Olivia team up in order to even come close to taking down Eli Pope. Eli Pope does not go down easy.

So what will ultimately be Jake's fate? It's hard to say, but we can certainly trust Shonda Rhimes to keep things interesting no matter what.

Image: ABC