This is What a 100% Cheese Whoopie Pie Looks Like

I have somewhat complicated feelings about the Thug Kitchen cookbook — but Kyle Marcoux, AKA the Vulgar Chef, doesn’t. He absolutely hates it, so he fired back in the only way he possibly could: By making a 100 percent cheese whoopie pie. Yes, it looks gross—but that was exactly the point. As Marcoux wrote (warning: strong language!), “This shit pissed me off so much I needed to eat something completely filthy.”

As BuzzFeed points out, the Vulgar Chef is known for its bizarre and often questionable concoctions. In the past, he’s unleashed upon the world such creations as red velvet corn dogs, ramen tacos, and mac and cheese stuffed buns; as such, the fact that he managed to produce one of the weirdest whoopie pies the world has ever seen isn’t exactly a surprise. How did he do it? By using macaroni and cheese as the cake-y bits and cheese that comes from an aerosol can as the filling. Mixing an egg yolk with the mac and cheese and microwaving it helps the “cake” keep its shape… and as for the filling? Well, I think the use of Easy Cheese speaks for itself. Here's what it looks like in all its glory:

I can’t be the only who immediately thought of A Goofy Movie after seeing this monstrosity, right?

As is often the case when I encounter strange food, I got to thinking: What other unexpected whoopie pies might exist? And if they don’t actually exist yet, which ones are just begging for someone to make them exist? Try these ones on for size:

1. Ramen Whoopie Pie

If you can construct a taco shell out of ramen, surely you can construct a whoopie pie out of ramen. I’d be inclined to fill it with charshu, but maybe that’s just me.

2. Bacon Whoopie Pie

I don’t just mean a whoopie pie delicately garnished with crumbled bacon bits; I mean a whoopie pie in which the cake pieces are actually made of bacon. Has anyone had any luck making those bacon weaves we looked at last week three dimensional in form?

3. Deep Fried Candy Corn Whoopie Pie

Take that deep fried candy corn, make it whoopie pie-shaped, and you’re in business. You might want to eat this one a little bit at a time, though — even filled with something a little less sugary, like unsweetened whipped cream, it’s probably still a good way to give yourself a sweetness overdose.

4. Grilled Cheese Whoopie Pie

Here’s how you take the 100 percent cheese whoopie pie to the next level: Make two grilled cheese sandwiches. Batter them and deep fry them. Then fill them with a cheese ball. Heck yes.

5. Curried Whoopie Pie

Start with some aloo matar. Mash the potatoes and peas together; then mix it with some cornmeal and mold them into patties. Either pan fry them or bake them, and once they’re cool, fill them with paneer. Done and done.

6. Olive Loaf Whoopie Pie

Olive loaf (the lunch meat, not the bread) has long baffled me, so what better way to make it even more confusing than by chopping it up, forming it into cakes, and sandwiching them together with something cream cheese-based?

7. Cherry Pie Whoopie Pie

I’m not even totally sure how this one would work. All I know is that it would be incredibly messy. And also that Agent Cooper would probably love it.

8. Double-Stuffed Whoopie Pie

Picture a whoopie pie… filled with another whoopie pie. Maybe a better name for it would be Inception pie.

Got any to add? Or, heaven forbid, have you actually tried to make one of these? Tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter — the grosser, the better. Uh… yum?

Images: The Vulgar Chef/Facebook; thevulgarchef/Instagram; Giphy (8); Reaction Gifs